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Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland
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Our company structure and business areas

Equinor consists of six business areas, as well as six staffs and support divisions. We have structured our organisation to enable us to respond to our current and future business needs, and in addition to the six business areas, Field Life Extension (FLX) is Equinor’s dedicated area for late-life fields.

Please note: financial results for each business area are to be found in our Annual Report Chapter 3, Reporting segment performance.

Shortcuts to information on each business area:


Organisation chart for Equinor.
A diagram of the company organisation, staffs and business areas

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO is responsible for day-to-day operations, and presents proposals for strategy, goals, actions and financial statements, as well as important investments. Anders Opedal is our president and CEO.

CV Anders Opedal

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the corporate controller with responsibility for the corporate finance functions. In addition, the CFO organisation manages the market perception of Equinor in Norwegian and international financial markets through active stakeholder management. The CFO drives financial performance within Equinor and provides professional support and advice. Chief Financial Officer Torgrim Reitan heads the CFO organisation.

CV Torgrim Reitan

Safety, Security & Sustainability (SSU)

The role of the SSU organisation is to enable strategy realisation, safeguard the company, drive performance and set corporate standards for Equinor. SSU will ensure an aligned SSU approach to achieve a safe, secure, and sustainable global business for Equinor. The SSU organisation is headed by Executive Vice President Jannicke Nilsson.

Legal & Compliance (LEG)

LEG has the global functional responsibility for all legal matters related to the Equinor group’s business and corporate activities, overall responsibility for advising on all legal matters and ensuring that activities related to ethics and anti-corruption are well organised and conducted in a satisfactory manner.

The corporate bodies’ secretariat is also the responsibility of LEG, which is a global organisation with employees in several locations in and outside Norway. LEG is headed by Executive Vice President Siv Helen Rygh Torstensen.

CV Siv Helen Rygh Torstensen

Corporate Communication (CCOM)

CCOM’s purpose is to protect and enhance Equinor’s reputation, supporting the company's effort to reach strategic goals. The function is responsible for media relations, political and public affairs, brand & engagement communication and advises the Board of Directors and senior management on communication issues. Corporate Communication is headed by Executive Vice President Jannik Lindbæk.

CV Jannik Lindbæk

Corporate Audit & Investigation (CAI)

Corporate Audit & Investigation (CAI) is responsible for auditing Equinor’s business to ensure that it is subject to adequate management and control. The function is responsible for investigating accidents and cases of ethical misconduct, as well as conducting all internal audits. CAI provides independent and objective assurance, challenges current practice and provides information to the board and senior management. CAI is headed by Senior Vice President and Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Bent Rune Solheim. The CAE reports to the Board Audit Committee and is not a member of the Corporate Executive Committee.

CV Bent Rune Solheim

People & organisation (PO)

PO carries an overall responsibility for the corporate people and leadership function in the Equinor group. PO will ensure one company approach to achieve sustainable global business for Equinor. The role of the PO function is to establish the strategy direction for the function, set corporate functional standards and targets, and drive operational performance. PO is headed by Executive Vice President Aksel Stenerud.

CV Aksel Stenerud

Marketing, Midstream & Processing (MMP)

MMP’s goal is to maximise corporate value creation in Equinor’s mid- and downstream business through safe, reliable and efficient operations. The business area is responsible for capturing the full value potential of all marketed and traded products, such as crude oil, liquids and natural gas. MMP is headed by Executive Vice President Irene Rummelhoff.

CV Irene Rummelhoff

Exploration & Production Norway (EPN)

EPN is responsible for safe and efficient operations on the Norwegian continental shelf. As operator and partner, we will manage resources in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner, creating value for our owners, suppliers and Norwegian society. EPN is headed by Executive Vice President Kjetil Hove.

CV Kjetil Hove

Exploration & Production International (EPI)

EPI is responsible for our international exploration and production, and is engaged in production in several countries. EPI is headed by Executive Vice President Philippe François Mathieu.

CV Philippe François Mathieu

Projects, Drilling & Procurement (PDP)

PDP is responsible for the global project portfolio, well deliveries, and procurement and supply chain management across Equinor. PDP is headed by Executive Vice President Geir Tungesvik.

CV Geir Tungesvik

Renewables (REN)

REN is a business area that reflects the company’s long-term goal to complement the oil and gas portfolio with profitable renewable energy. REN aims to do this based on combining Equinor's oil and gas expertise, project delivery capacities and ability to integrate technological solutions.

REN is headed by Executive Vice President PÃ¥l Eitrheim.

CV PÃ¥l Eitrheim

Technology, Digital & Innovation (TDI)

Technology, digitalisation and innovation are fundamental enablers to improve safety, increase value creation, reduce emissions and develop low carbon solutions. TDI is headed by Hege Skryseth, Executive Vice President.

CV Hege Skryseth