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An overview of external experts and Equinor employees that have contributed to the series, and the most important facts addressed in each episode.

Episode 1 – So -how close are we to the edge?

Sources in this episode

Jostein Bakke – Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Bergen
Erlend Haugland – Macroeconomics analyst, Equinor
Bjørn Otto Sverdrup – Head of OGCI (Oil & Gas Climate Initiative)
Jarand Rystad – CEO, Rystad Energy
Sigrun Gjerløw Aasland – General Manager, Environmental foundation Zero

Episode 2 – Can’t we just shut off the oil faucet

Sources in this episode

Tine Jensen Fjæberg – Process engineer (Graduate Engineering Trainee),Equinor
Nina Jensen – Marine biologist and CEO, REV Ocean
Henriette Undrum – Project director - Norway Energy Hub, Equinor
Jarand Rystad – founder and CEO, Rystad Energy

Episode 3: Why doesn’t the world run on renewable energy already?

Sources in this episode

Kristin Muller Thomassen – Sustainability engineer, Equinor (Gulen)
Erik-Jan Lock – Head of research at the Institute of Marine Research
Christian Lie Hansen – Head of strategy and market options in land-based renewable sources, Equinor
John Olav Tande – Director - Northwind and chief researcher, Sintef Ocean

Episode 4: So what’s the deal with low-carbon solutions?

Sources in this episode

Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås – CCS Director - Hafslund Oslo Celsio
Ivar Kuven - Operations Engineer Northern Lights, Equinor
Torbjørg Klara Fossum – CCS Director (Carbon capture and storage), Equinor
Inga Lindemark Solheim – Senior engineer – low-carbon solutions, Equinor