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Apprentices at Kårstø
Apprentices at Kårstø.
Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland
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Engineering, technology, and science

In Equinor, we’re no strangers to delivering on ambitious projects. Both Hywind Tampen, the world’s first full-scale floating windfarm, and Johan Sverdrup, one of the world’s most advanced and carbon-efficient fields, are a testament to the invaluable contributions of our teams in engineering, science, and technology.

Our employees in these fields are at the forefront of developing industry-changing technologies and projects, and they will continue to play an essential role in shaping the future of energy.

We’re constantly seeking a diverse range of talents to join our teams and we recruit from a wide range of academic subjects, including subsurface sciences, production technology, project management and various engineering disciplines.

Take a look at some of the engineering, technology, and science functions in Equinor below to see which one is the right one for you.

Project Development – Marine Survey, Geomatics and Geospatial

With colleagues across Equinor, our teams in Marine Survey, Geomatics and Geospatial are working at the forefront of digital transformation.

As a Marine Survey Engineer, you'll take on the responsibility of data collection, quality control, and project support throughout offshore operations. Develop expertise in marine operations planning and execution, ensuring project success.

If Geomatics and Geospatial Engineering excites you, become a key player in visualizing and managing geospatial data, driving impactful decision-making. Strong analytical skills, proficiency in geospatial tools (e.g., ESRI ArcGIS), and a passion for innovation are essential to thrive in these positions.

Construction and Commissioning in Project Development

Working in Engineering, Construction, and Commissioning (CC), means having safety and security as your first priority.

Engineering ensures quality verification of contractors' work before handing over to Construction. Construction oversees quality verification of structures and equipment before handover to Commissioning. Commissioning prepares, executes, and documents inspections and tests before equipment handover to Operations.

This multidisciplinary work spans platforms, hydrogen plants, and decarbonization projects worldwide. Engineering, Construction, and CC contribute to the safe and efficient execution of Equinor's strategy. We look for people who are collaborative, eager to learn, structured, adaptable, and enjoy teamwork.

Operations and Maintenance

In our Operation and Maintenance team, you'll perform maintenance and reliability analysis to enhance safety, regularity, and cost efficiency, aligning with Equinor's improvement agenda.

Engage in maintenance engineering projects and actively contribute to planning and execution processes.

Embrace the power of digital tools and big data to support analysis, challenge existing work processes, and drive improvements in maintenance management. This role requires analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a proactive mindset to identify and implement innovative solutions.

Civil Engineering

Working in Civil Engineering in Equinor means playing a crucial role in designing and constructing onshore facilities that support various projects such as electrification, CCS, hydrogen production, wind and solar initiatives - and more.

As the demand for onshore projects grows, we seek to expand our capabilities in site selection, geotechnics, infrastructure development, and other areas. As a Civil Engineer, your responsibilities will encompass the entire project lifecycle, from feasibility studies to engineering and construction. Collaboration, problem-solving skills, and flexibility are key attributes that will enable you to thrive in this role.

Drilling and Well

The Drilling and Well (D&W) network in Equinor consists of over 1200 employees and holds global responsibility for D&W activities across approximately 40 operations on platforms, rigs, and vessels.

Responsibilities across our teams include planning drilling and completion operations, well interventions, and subsea activities.

Join our team and enjoy the opportunity to provide key planning for execution, analyse data to ensure safe and efficient operations, and contribute to the development and improvement of our work processes. Collaborate with experts, perform risk assessments, evaluate equipment needs, and make valuable contributions to shaping the future of the drilling and well industry.

Electrical Power Engineering

The future is electric and working in Electrical Power Engineering means spanning diverse sectors such as oil & gas, renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen production.

Your role will involve designing electrical power systems, performing system analysis, guiding contractors and suppliers, and providing technical support for operations and maintenance.

Participate in technology development and research programs and contribute to the digitalization of our electrical power systems. This position requires a strong foundation in electrical power engineering, analytical thinking, attention to detail, and effective communication abilities.

Mechanical Technology

In Mechanical Technology, you’ll dive into wide range of tasks, including turbomachinery, piping engineering, high-pressure valves, and more.

As we drive the energy transition, you'll contribute to projects involving renewables, low carbon solutions, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and oil and gas. Collaborating with contractors, suppliers, and research institutions, you'll develop and implement cutting-edge technology.

From planning to start-up, you'll be involved in building international and Norwegian energy production sites. We value strong technical aptitude, problem-solving skills, adaptability, and collaborative teamwork.

Subsea Facilities

In Subsea Facilities, you will play a vital role in safeguarding Equinor's submarine infrastructure, driving innovation, and developing projects for new and existing fields.

Employees in this area will be part of diverse projects within oil and gas, low carbon solutions, and renewables portfolios.

You'll collaborate in multidisciplinary teams and contribute to various project phases, from feasibility studies to operations. Analytical, problem-solving, and collaborative skills are essential for thriving in this dynamic and global environment.

Technical Safety

Working with Technical Safety, means having an important role in preventing and mitigating major accidents by designing and ensuring the integrity of safety barriers.

As a Technical Safety engineer, you will contribute for a culture of safety in all our activities.

This role supports Equinor's commitment to being always safe. We look for people who are analytical, collaborative, and passionate about safety - driving the discipline's development across different business areas and value chains. During the program, you can expect to contribute to risk assessments, manage functional safety systems, and evaluate and maintain the integrity of safety equipment on our plants.

Subsurface: Geosciences (Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics)

As a geologist, geophysicist, or petrophysicist within Subsurface Geosciences, you’ll collaborate in multidisciplinary teams, expanding your expertise in both traditional Oil & Gas and emerging energy sectors such as CCUS and Low Carbon solutions.

Explore diverse areas like Exploration, Production, and Development, honing your skills in Geological, Geophysical, and Petrophysical domains.

From understanding Petroleum Systems to Prospect Evaluation, Well Planning, Reservoir Characterization, and Geomodelling, you'll gain hands-on experience across basin, play, and field scales. As a Subsurface Geoscience employee, you'll also contribute to technological advancements and research initiatives, shaping the future of the industry.

Material Technology

Working in Material Technology means an opportunity to work with world-class and cutting-edge level technologies in oil & gas, renewables and low carbon industries.

Throughout the program, you will gain valuable experience in overseeing materials engineering, securing technical integrity, and pushing the boundaries of materials technology.

This role requires analytical thinkers, problem solvers, and collaborative individuals who can ensure material integrity, identify risks, challenge contractors, and collaborate effectively with a diverse network of experts.

Subsurface: Reservoir and Production Technology

Embark on an exciting journey as a Reservoir and Production Engineering employee within Equinor's vast Subsurface network.

Collaborating with over 1800 professionals, you will play a vital role in developing and managing hydrocarbon resources in a profitable, safe, and energy-efficient manner.

This dynamic position will expose you to various aspects of Equinor's operations, spanning traditional oil and gas value chains, research, technology development, and emerging areas like carbon capture and storage. As the energy landscape evolves, your skills in multidisciplinary teamwork and programming will be instrumental in shaping our future success.

Process Engineering and Flow Assurance

In this role, you will collaborate with engineers across various business areas, such as Development Projects, Research & Technology, and Production, to ensure safety, drive low carbon solutions, and enhance high-value field development concepts.

As a creative, analytical, and flexible problem solver, you will thrive in this dynamic environment. You will be involved in diverse responsibilities, including process design, production optimization, operational support, process safety, and research and technology development. You may also contribute to flow assurance studies and pipeline simulations.

Fiscal Metering and Allocation

In Fiscal Metering and Allocation, you'll play a vital role in ensuring accurate measurements of oil, gas, and emissions from Equinor installations.

Our specialized team handles advanced metering technologies and collaborates across various disciplines to tackle operational challenges. In this dynamic field, attention to detail and analytical thinking are essential.

You'll need to dig into measurement errors, perform corrections, and recommend innovative solutions. Strong collaboration skills are crucial as you work with diverse stakeholders within Equinor. Proactive learning and development are encouraged to excel in this ever-evolving field.

Subsurface: Data and Digital

As a data scientist or data manager, you'll play a pivotal role in our multidisciplinary team, working on projects that harness the power of data and technology to make better decisions.

Whether you have a background in geosciences or IT, this is an exciting opportunity to contribute to world-class projects and drive efficiency and innovation in a safe environment.

Join our agile teams, where professional development and camaraderie are key. You'll apply data engineering and analytical techniques to unlock valuable insights and improve data quality for our users. Take charge of managing data for our major Norwegian and international assets and be at the forefront of integrating next-generation cloud-based solutions.

Acoustics and Noise Engineering

In Acoustics and Noise Engineering, you'll play a vital role in safeguarding people's hearing, and design systems that leave zero impact on both individuals and the environment.

Your work directly supports Equinor's commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

To excel in this field, you’ll be passionate about safety in design and the acoustics field. You'll have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of this discipline across diverse business areas, including Oil & Gas, low carbon solutions, and offshore wind. Analytical, collaborative, and problem-solving skills are essential for success in this position.

Safety, Security and Sustainability (SSU)

In Safety , Security, and Sustainability, you'll focus on safeguarding people and assets, ensuring compliance with environmental and sustainability standards, and promoting a strong safety culture.

As part of our global network, you'll work alongside professionals from various disciplines, broadening your knowledge and expertise and engage in improvement initiatives. We’re looking for individuals with a passion for safety, strong analytical skills, and a commitment to sustainability to contribute to our low-carbon transition and renewable energy projects.