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Team Harstad in Northern Norway is on the lookout for new colleagues

Would you like greater flexibility so that everyday logistics can be combined with an exciting job? And would you be tempted by a career move to an extraordinary location with abundant professional challenges and rewards?

If so, we’re on the lookout for more bright minds to work at our modern and attractive offices in Harstad, Northern Norway. We want to hear from you irrespective of whether you’re recently qualified or are an experienced professional that could be tempted by an attractive opportunity and new challenges.

Meet Frenchman Romain, and hear him describe living and working in Harstad for Equinor:

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Help with moving to Harstad

If you find the idea of living and working in this beautiful region of Norway exciting, we have attractive resettlement schemes and benefits that can assist with your move. Discover more below.

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Varied and interesting subject areas

We’re ideally looking for people with industry or offshore experience, preferably with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Here you’ll be able to work closely with colleagues offshore, for instance supporting facilities and well operations. Six of the largest business areas in Equinor are represented here, offering a variety of subject areas and positions — as well as a large network of like-minded colleagues from differing backgrounds.

Find your dream job at Equinor Harstad

What are the advantages of working for Equinor in Harstad?

Imagine a life with less stress, more spare time, and an exciting working day filled with inspiration, learning and great colleagues. Equinor Harstad offers you all this, in addition to excellent opportunities for development.

We are about 300 colleagues in Harstad with varied backgrounds and ethnicities, and we enjoy stimulating challenges and a positive and inclusive working environment.

As an employee with us, you will be given the tools you need for your own development, as well as guidance and support towards your career goals.

Schemes for permanent employees who move to Harstad

If you get a job with us and decide to move to Harstad, Equinor can offer a number of schemes to support you and your family in this process.

We offer transitional accommodation for a rental period of up to 12 months after the date of change of office location, where you pay half of the rent that Equinor pays to the landlord (and the difference is reported as taxable income).

We also contribute to the electricity bill, cover the costs of buying and selling housing, and in some cases we also provide a moving grant (subject to terms). Contact us for more information.

Harstad harbour. Photo: Trym Ivar Bergsmo, Arctic Image AS

Welcome to Harstad — a small municipality with a big-town feel

Harstad is a beautiful city surrounded by fjords and mountains, and there are many attractive reasons to settle and work here.

Living and working in Harstad can provide a unique and enriching experience with a combination of a vibrant cultural life, fantastic nature experiences and a high quality of life.

Harstad in brief

Harstad as a settlement dates back to Viking times, and ancient buildings and fascinating museums pay homage to the town’s rich history.

Harstad is an important city for the oil and gas industry, with close links to offshore operations in the Barents Sea. The city has a diversified business life with a focus on technology, seafood, tourism and the public sector.

The quality of life in Harstad is high with a combination of magnificent nature, a flourishing cultural life and modern facilities. The archipelago offers fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities, and the northerly region of Norway offers unique nature experiences such as the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights in winter.

The town has a wide selection of schools and higher education institutions, as well as a modern healthcare system, making Harstad an attractive place to live and work for young and old alike.

Harstad luftfoto

Opportunities for the whole family in Harstad

Other family members will also enjoy the attractive opportunities and varied worklife in Harstad, which includes the following sectors:

  1. Offshore industry: Harstad is known for its strong ties to the offshore oil and gas industry. Equinor and other companies have large operations in the region, which provides many jobs in engineering, operation and maintenance.
  2. Seafood industry: As a coastal town, Harstad is a natural hub for the seafood industry. Fishing, farming, processing and selling seafood provide career opportunities for craftsmen and professionals.
  3. Tourism: With its beautiful nature, rich culture and proximity to Lofoten, Harstad offers excellent opportunities in the tourism sector. Jobs can vary from guides to hotel and restaurant work.
  4. Public sector: Harstad is an important administrative city in the region. There are many jobs in health, education, municipal administration and social services.
  5. Armed forces and defence: With its strategic location, Harstad has always had a strong military presence. The armed forces offer jobs in a number of specialist areas.
  6. ICT and innovation: Harstad has a growing technology sector, with many innovative startups and entrepreneurial projects. There are opportunities in programming, design, data analysis and product development.
  7. Culture and creative sector: With its rich culture and history, there are also many jobs in art, culture, media and entertainment in Harstad.

Quality of life and activities for everyone

In Harstad, there are new schools and kindergartens, a cultural centre and sports halls, festivals and all kinds of leisure facilities. Equinor also has a welfare club with activities for the whole family.

Harstad can boast of being a town in the north with a hint of metropolitan lifestyle, while benefitting from simpler logistics in everyday life with short distances and proximity to "everything".

If you have roots in Northern Norway you obviously know a lot of this already, but we are keen to recruit more happy northerners to our team — whether you have northern Norwegian blood in your veins or not. Together we can contribute to creating positive ripple effects in the north!

Here are some of the top attractions the city has to offer:

Ready to apply?

We continuously hiring new employees to this attractive town in the north. Here you can see our currently open positions — and begin the application process when you are ready.

Read more and apply for open positions here