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Our culture, strengths and values

Photos: Ole Jørgen Bratland
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At Equinor, our people are our most valued natural resource. Our culture is firmly rooted in our values and a shared understanding that safety is our priority.

For decades we have faced some of the world's biggest challenges with courage and creativity — and we have done things that most people thought impossible. Throughout the last fifty years, our people have been tackling problems head-on and putting their minds together to create new solutions. We will continue to work together to reach net zero by 2050.

As a new team member, we will welcome you into our community – valuing your ideas, experience, and perspectives. Together we take on the energy challenges of the world.

I am grateful to work for a company where differences are celebrated and employees can bring their uniqueness and culture to the workplace.

Hanne Sofie Skogland StorebøSenior sustainability engineer
Equinor's values are open, collaborative, caring and courageous

We live our values every day. They are the foundation of our culture, guiding us in how we do business and how we work together. Across country borders and maritime boundaries – our values tie us together. We are open, courageous, collaborative and caring.

It is refreshing and empowering to be in a work culture that is caring yet courageous. Equinor embraces as well as encourages differences through openness and collaboration. The values are not only spoken but lived.

John-Sigvard Gamlem NjauExecutive management assistant
Laura Victoria Mejia at Equinor’s Fornebu offices near Oslo

Including women in the workplace — do we practice what we preach?

To mark International Women’s Day, we asked employees to share their experiences, and met three women who told their stories on maternity leave. What did they say?

Do our values go more than skin-deep?

Diversity and inclusion

Strength lies in our differences, not our similarities.

Respecting diversity and building inclusion is an expectation for everyone in Equinor. Our teams leverage diversity to drive performance, listening to everyone’s ideas and perspectives, challenge group-think and encourage creativity. In Equinor everyone is responsible for creating an open, safe and inclusive environment to enable this.

To read our diversity statistics in detail, follow the link below:

To continue to provide energy in the future, we rely on diversity of thought to ensure we find the best solutions and make good decisions. We work systematically with diversity and inclusion to ensure fair and equal opportunities for all. In Equinor, everyone can feel valued and respected for who they are, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

Anders OpedalCEO Equinor

We support various voluntary employee resource groups (ERG) and value their important role in strengthening a more inclusive workplace. In Equinor, everyone is encouraged to participate in awareness activities, celebrations, and events.

See how our colleagues in Brazil nourish the most important natural resource we have – our people.

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Strengthening a diverse workforce

As an industry, we need to continue focusing on gender balance to increase the representation of women within energy. In Equinor, we have worked systematically with gender balance through our HR processes, including recruitment, development, and leadership.

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The success of our industry, company and society depends on knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). We have the opportunity and responsibility to play a part in building a strong future workforce.

Through our sponsorship program Heroes of Tomorrow, partnerships, and networks, we engage with youth and our local communities to instil a passion for discovery, learning, and engagement – both in and out of the classroom.

Equinor partners with the ODA network (Norwegian), and our internal Women’s ERG supports events and training, encouraging more women to choose technology careers.

Coaching, mentoring and networking

In Equinor, we encourage contact and knowledge transfer across disciplines. Advanced learners and experts are encouraged to invite and lead – which includes identifying, initiating and organizing internal and external learning opportunities for others.

Experts and advanced learners are encouraged to give talks at conferences, publish articles, and engage in professional networking. As an organisation that is focused on acquiring knowledge fast, we believe it is essential to take an active part in industry dialogue.

Information, expertise and learning are corporate assets, so when a team is building competence in some area, we encourage them to think about how they can make new insights and abilities available to the whole organisation by offering to teach, lead, mentor and help other teams.

Our diversity numbers







Gender balance total employees (percentage female)

31 31 31 30 31

Gender balance in leadership (percentage female)

35 35 32 30 29

Nationality balance total employees (percentage not-Norwegian)

21 21 21 22 20

Nationality balance in leadership (percentage not-Norwegian)

22 23 24 25 24

Gender balance in early talent programs (percentage female) - Apprenticeships awarded

36 31 29 24 26

Gender balance in early talent programs (percentage female) - Graduates awarded

43 43 45 43 44