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Equinor at the top of Universum's list of Norway’s most attractive employers

Four women with diplomas and flowers. Photo
From the left: Nina Melo Kinck Elvas, Ingrid Marker, Maria Clara Machado, Ingrid Susan Indredavik, and Cecilie Sell Bonde (Experis AS).
Photo: Line Slotnes/Universum
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Fresh figures from Universum’s survey of Norwegian students in spring 2024 show Equinor maintaining its strong position as one of the country's most attractive employers in several categories.

Universum, which is one of the world's largest employer brand-building companies, has spent the first few months of the year surveying how Norwegian students rank the attractiveness of potential employers. Historically, Equinor has been at the top of this ranking for several years, and this trend is continuing.

This spring, Equinor has again been named Norway’s Top-1, Top-2 and Top-3 most attractive employer among students within engineering, business and technology. This survey also sees Equinor among this year's "climbers" among law students.

We'll be dependent on bringing in many new, skilled colleagues in the years to come. This is why it's encouraging that students see Equinor as an attractive workplace. This didn't happen on its own, and we always need to work to attract bright minds and talents among the students.

Stian Withhead of Attraction, Recruitment and Induction (ARI)

Significant growth among female students

This year's survey shows an exciting development among female students in one particular subject where Equinor has not previously achieved such a high ranking: Equinor has jumped 4 places among female law students.

In this survey, girls in IT studies find Equinor to be such an attractive employer that the company has jumped 6 whole places from ninth to third place.

"This is important to ensure Equinor's future recruitment of women in IT and technology. The fact that an increasing number of female law students also rank Equinor higher among attractive employers also bodes well for the percentage of women in the company over the longer term," With says.

Man standing on a platform with sea in the background. Photo
Aksel Stenerud, Executive Vice President People & Organisation at the Johan Sverdrup field.
Photo: Arne Reidar Mortensen

Complex times and the energy transition

At Equinor, we believe it is a part of our responsibility to ensure talent renewal for the energy industry. We know that we can do even more to be diverse and inclusive – but, we already have a great starting point. Key words are – collaboration, teamwork, and diversity.

For the past 3 years, we have onboarded 1,500 graduates, apprentices, summer, and academic interns - reinforcing our commitment to developing the younger generations. And, as shown in this year’s survey, we see that we are steadily increasing our attractiveness as an employer year-over-year for female students in law and IT.

Attracting young talents is important for Equinor, and this survey is confirming that we are heading into the right direction for being an attractive employer. Axel Stenerud, Executive VP of PO in Equinor (picture) points out: “We live in complex times that brings us both challenges and opportunities. We need the knowledge from those with years of experience in the company, but we also need different thinking and ideas from new colleagues who join from outside of our organisation”.

A woman and a man sitting with their backs to the window laughing. Photo
Graduates Emily-Jane Gilbert and Mats Wolter.
Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland

Graduate programme

Everyone hired through Equinor's Graduate programme gets a kickstart to their career and receives a thorough introduction to a wide range of areas in the company; this may include rotations both physically by spending time at different Equinor locations, and professionally by working in multiple business areas.

Emily-Jane Charlotte Gilbert and Mats Wolter (pictured) are two of our Graduates who are completing all 5 programme modules this year. Both are very pleased to have been part of the Graduate programme and are choosing to continue their careers in Equinor after the end of the programme. "It's been particularly important for me to have the opportunity to develop knowledge within several of Equinor's business areas, and if you're passionate about what you're doing, there's no end to your opportunities at Equinor," Mats says. Emily-Jane agrees and adds: "Equinor is a large company that provides infinite, varied and exciting opportunities. Taking part in the Graduate programme is a fantastic way to kickstart your career."

Find information about our Graduate programme
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About the report

Each year, Universum ranks Norway’s most attractive employers and the career preferences of students at Norwegian universities and university colleges. This year, they collected the opinions of more than 11,000 students from a total of 24 educational institutions between January and March, which resulted in ranking Equinor at the top of nearly all disciplines.