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Renewable energy

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The transition to renewable energy is made possible by our knowledge from oil and gas.

In Equinor we’re transforming our company to support and accelerate the energy transition and ensure a competitive and resilient business model in line with the Paris Agreement.

This means reducing emissions from our oil and gas production, growing within wind and solar, and developing low-carbon solutions such as hydrogen and CCS on an industrial scale.

We’re harnessing the winds of change today, to power the low-carbon world of tomorrow.

Our ambition is to be among the top global players in offshore wind, drawing on our extensive offshore experience to drive the industry forward. Wind power is a key enabler in the world’s energy transition.

Our offshore wind projects

The forecast looks bright for solar energy.

Solar energy is an invaluable global energy source set for rapid growth worldwide, following dramatic cost reductions.

Solar energy in Equinor
Keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere:

Low-carbon solutions

We’re reducing emissions from our operations and products, focusing on the storage and utilisation of CO2, decarbonisation of natural gas through hydrogen value chains, low carbon fuel transportation solutions, and electrification of platforms.

In our business there are a multitude of ways in which we can contribute to reducing carbon emissions, and we are taking concerted action in many areas to effect real change.

Read more about our low-carbon inititatives here.

The next step for Norway as an energy nation

Norway Energy Hub

Norway Energy hub is Equinor’s industrial plan for Norway’s future energy industry, placing Norway at centre stage in accelerating the energy transition. The plan can lead to 350 billion NOK in investments from the private sector. Equinor estimates that we will invest around 100 billion NOK under this plan.

More about Norway Energy Hub