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What is Energy Perspectives?

Energy Perspectives is an independent energy scenario analysis prepared by Equinor analysts.

The report describes development paths up to 2050 for the world economy, energy markets and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and includes a 1.5 degree scenario.

Energy Perspectives

Energy Perspectives 2023 will be presented here on June 8. (Publication of material on this website only).

Energy Perspectives paints the outcome space for the long-term development of the world’s energy markets. Driven by factors such as geopolitics, technology, climate and energy policy, and company and consumer behaviour, energy demand projections are made, but become increasingly uncertain the further out in time we forecast.

This year’s presentation

This year, the publication does not include a full report as the previous edition was published only 9 months ago, but all data, forecasts and assumptions have been updated. Also, the analysts have conducted a separate deep dive on critical minerals, a highly relevant energy transition topic, that will be part of the presented material.

Energy Perspectives 2023

Note: this year’s report will be presented solely as a video and press release here on

Walls divide and bridges connect. Our two scenarios paint a large outcome space for what the long-term energy future might look like based on choices made today and going forward.

Eirik WærnessChief Economist in Equinor
Eirik Wærness

Previous report:

Energy Perspectives 2022:

Balancing energy security, affordability and decarbonisation is key for a sustainable energy transition.

Amid turmoil in global energy markets, this year’s Energy Perspective report presents two scenarios; Walls and Bridges, which illustrate two very different pathways for the global energy system towards 2050.

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Previous years’ Energy Perspectives reports

Here you can find our archive of previous editions of Energy Perspectives.

Energy Perspectives archive

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