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Energy Perspectives

September 17, Stavanger: The report was presented by Equinor’s chief economist Eirik Wærness, after an introduction by executive vice president for communication, Jannik Lindbæk.

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What is Energy Perspectives?

Energy Perspectives is an independent report prepared by Equinor analysts in macroeconomics, energy markets and geopolitics.

The report describes development paths up to 2050 for the world economy, energy markets and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and includes a 1.5 degrees scenario.

The scenarios are not detailed predictions but possible contrasting pathways, providing a platform for debate and decision making.

Key to the speed of the energy transition will be how fast the world is able to decarbonise the electricity sector, electrify road transport, and realise permanent energy efficiency gains

Eirik WærnessChief Economist in Equinor
Eirik Wærness

Energy Perspectives 2022:

Balancing energy security, affordability and decarbonisation is key for a sustainable energy transition.

Amid turmoil in global energy markets, this year’s Energy Perspective report presents two scenarios; Walls and Bridges, which illustrate two very different pathways for the global energy system towards 2050.

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