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About the report

Energy Perspectives is an independent report prepared by Equinor analysts, describing three possible development paths for the world economy, international energy markets and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

The report is based on models and frameworks that the company uses in connection with long-term analyses of the energy markets and is intended to foster greater understanding of uncertainty in the long term and how different forces can influence this uncertainty.

Energy Perspectives has become an important reference in international talks on energy and climate-change issues. Each year the team behind the report is invited to international meetings and conferences to present their perspectives.

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Energy Perspectives 2022

Balancing energy security, affordability and decarbonisation is key for a sustainable energy transition.

Amid turmoil in global energy markets, this year’s Energy Perspective report presents two scenarios; Walls and Bridges, which illustrate two very different pathways for the global energy system towards 2050.

Energy Perspectives 2021

An uncertain future

As the world begins to show the first signs of recovery from the global pandemic, the scope and direction of that recovery has been brought into the spotlight. The decisions we make now will have profound affects on the future of economies, societies, and the global energy landscape.

Energy Perspectives presents three different paths from where the world is today, all the way to 2050, and shows where our decisions may lead.

Energy Perspectives 2020

A time of great uncertainty

Energy Perspectives celebrated its 10th anniversary in a year of unprecedented events. The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through energy markets, economies and societies, affecting all our lives for years to come.

The events of 2020 made scenario planning more relevant than ever, allowing us to see where our decisions may lead. Energy Perspectives does not predict the future, but gives us a way to examine and debate what may lie ahead in an informed and reasoned way.

In the 2020 report we looked at the consequences of a slow energy transition, what happens when we prioritise economic growth over the environment, and what it would take to reach the well below 2°C Paris climate target.

Energy Perspectives 2019

Delaying climate action increases the challenge

Current climate actions are far from enough to put the world on a path to keep global warming well below 2 degrees. Global emissions increased in 2018 to reach an all-time high – and the longer this continues, the stronger measures will be necessary to reach common goals. The need is ever more urgent for rapid and significant change.