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Equinor renewables US

Equinor has quickly become a leader in America’s growing offshore wind industry. Today we have projects under development on both the East and West coasts. We see even greater potential for the future development of renewables and offshore wind in the US.

About Equinor in the US, and our office locations


in the US offshore wind industry

4.1 GW

of offshore wind capacity

~2.7 million

homes to potentially be powered

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Equinor in New York

New York State has set one of the nation’s most ambitious goals for transitioning to renewable energy. Equinor’s offshore wind projects are playing a significant role in that effort.

Equinor is developing the Empire Wind project as two parts, Empire Wind 1 and Empire Wind 2. The Empire Wind 1 project was selected as a provisional winner in New York’s fourth offshore wind solicitation (NY4) to deliver 810 MW of power to New York, enough to power over 500,000 homes. Empire Wind 2, which can potentially generate 1,260 MW of electricity, is currently being reset and will continue to be matured in anticipation of future solicitations.

Equinor is also developing the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, New York’s first offshore wind hub. The port will serve as a staging, pre-assembly, operations and maintenance hub, starting with the Empire Wind 1 project. Empire Wind 1 will be the first offshore wind project to plug into the New York City grid.

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Offshore wind in the US

Clean Power for California

In the United States’ first-ever floating offshore wind auction, Equinor has been selected as the winner of a lease on the Outer Continental Shelf offshore California. The 2 GW lease, Atlas Wind, lies off the state’s central coast and has the potential to generate enough energy to power approximately 1.7 million California homes.

Read more about Equinor in California: Atlas Wind

With the Biden Administration’s target of 30GW of offshore wind by 2030, there is a lot of momentum for offshore wind in the US.

By 2025 several new leasing sales will take place, including the Central Atlantic, Gulf of Maine, the Gulf of Mexico, and offshore Oregon.

Haaland Outlines Ambitious Offshore Wind Leasing Strategy (

Supplier engagement

Equinor’s suppliers help our projects succeed, creating value for our partners, customers and communities. Learn more about working with us.

Becoming an Equinor supplier

Collaborating with communities

Equinor’s projects become part of the community. Our community-based development model reflects our values—openness, courage, collaboration, and caring.

Equinor has always been committed to collaboration with commercial and recreational fishing communities—it’s part of our Norwegian heritage. Our priority is always to avoid or minimize impacts on fishing throughout all phases of the project lifecycle.

Economic development and investment
Offshore wind projects don’t just happen offshore. They create jobs, support communities, and benefit people’s lives throughout the region.

Stakeholder engagement
We work in partnership with government agencies, tribes, and a wide range of stakeholders to foster a continuous, respectful and informative dialogue throughout the development, construction and operation of our projects.

Environmental sustainability
Equinor’s project teams are not only engineers. They include geologists, marine biologists, oceanographers and others who focus on the natural habitat where we work. We study, survey and monitor the birds and marine life in our lease areas—and share those studies to help others learn too.

About us
Equinor is a global leader in offshore wind and a broad energy company. Our purpose is to turn natural resources into energy for people and progress for society. We have been present in the US since 1987 and have become one of America’s largest offshore wind developers.