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The Kalundborg refinery in Denmark is owned by Equinor Refining Denmark A/S. It is Denmark's largest oil refinery, processing about 5.5 million tonnes of crude oil and condensate per year. The plant has a tank capacity of some 800 million litres. Equinor, formerly known as Statoil, purchased the refinery from Dansk Esso A/S in 1986.

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How to find us in Denmark

The oldest parts of the refinery were put into use in 1961, and the plant has been gradually developed since then. In 1995 a condensate distillation plant was added, enabling the refinery to receive a large amount of condensate, a light crude. It was thus possible to produce high value products.

Equinor Refining Denmark A/S produces gas, naphtha, petrol, diesel, fuel oil and heavy fuel, and the primary markets besides the Danish market are Scandinavia and northwest Europe.

The refinery mainly processes various crude oils and condensate from the Norwegian continental shelf, but also receives crudes, e.g., from West Africa.

All crude oil and condensate are transported to Kalundborg by tankers, and most of the completed products are also transported by sea. There are a total of about 625 shipping arrivals per year, and Equinor Refining Denmark A/S therefore has a harbour in connection with the plant. 

Industrial Symbiosis

Equinor Refining Denmark A/S is one of several local enterprises included in the Industrial Symbiosis initiative in Kalundborg.

The Kalundborg Symbiosis is an industrial ecosystem, where the by-product residual product of one enterprise is used as a resource by another enterprise, in a closed cycle.  An industrial symbiosis is a local collaboration where public and private enterprises buy and sell residual products, resulting in mutual economic and environmental benefits.

The following industries are part of the initiative: 

  • Equinor Refining Denmark
  • Ørsted
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Novozymes
  • Gyproc Saint Gobain
  • Kalundborg Forsyning
  • Agro
  • Avista Oil
  • Biopro
  • Kalundborg Kommune (Kalundborg Municipality)

    Follow the link: for futher details.

Green Accounts

Equinor Refining Denmark A/S each year publishes Green Accounts. The accounts describe the efforts to manage and limit the impacts from our operations on the environment and work environment.

The Green Accounts include, e.g.:

  • The management account, describing the production and environmental work.
  • Health, safety and environmental goals
  • Environmental data for the past five years of production.

From 2015 the yearly Green Account is changed to an Environmental Report following the new statutory order for PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register).  The Environmental Report supplement the Annual Report from Equinor Refining Denmark A/S. From 2018 the Environmental Report has changed to Sustainability Report.