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We’re the Norwegian energy behind British life

Much of modern British life is made possible by Norwegian energy from Equinor. One of the biggest suppliers of imported gas and oil to the UK, Equinor is at work whenever a cup of tea is brewed or a Sunday roast is cooked.


And when it comes to tackling the big energy questions of the future – like how to make the most of the UK’s huge potential for renewables – Equinor is playing just as central a role.

What’s the right energy mix for the UK’s future?


Few experts predict a world without fossil fuels any time soon. That’s why at Equinor, we take a twofold approach to sustainability. Firstly, developing the windfarms that will make renewables a far bigger part of the UK’s energy mix tomorrow. And secondly, finding new ways to improve the carbon-efficiency of the oil and gas we still need today.

Who we are

For over 30 years we've been in the UK, quietly working away to secure a long-term energy supply for the UK. The last three decades have seen us growing our business from trading gas, to supplying more than 25% of the UK's gas demand, developing pioneering floating offshore wind technology, and securing thousands of jobs.


Equinor is investing in a secure and sustainable energy future for the UK. We have a broad range of activities in the UK, including innovative offshore wind projects, oil and gas developments in the North Sea and delivering reliable piped natural gas.

Bilde av Mariner-feltet

In the Mariner field, we are testing new ground through our offshore digital workers and the use of digital solutions to deliver safe and efficient operations. One of the largest industrial projects in the UK in recent years—a gross investment of more than USD 7.7 billion – Mariner will support over 700 long term jobs and generate significant revenue in the supply chain for decades to come. Contracts worth more than USD 1.3 billion have already been awarded to UK suppliers.

And we're not stopping there. Equinor is growing its UK offshore portfolio with new developments like Utgard and Barnacle, which straddle the UK-Norway median line. 

And we recently acquired a 40% operated interest in the Rosebank project, located west of Shetland, in one of the least developed areas of the UKCS.  With Rosebank, we will leverage our experience from our next generation portfolio to create further value.

We are one of the most active explorers in the UK.  Our 2019 campaign comprises five wells, a record number for the company.

We operate three wind farms off the coast of the UK providing energy for up to 670,000 homes, and we are engaged in further large-scale wind projects offshore the UK, Germany, and the US. We’re also pioneering innovation in offshore wind solutions for deeper waters - Hywind is at the forefront of this exciting new market


As the UK moves away from coal to a cleaner future, gas is playing an important role in helping reduce emissions and keeping the lights on. Natural gas is a key part of Equinor’s energy partnership with the UK. For decades, the UK has secured the majority of its imported gas from Norway, through pipeline gas. In fact, this year imports from Norway covers around 50% of UK domestic gas consumption. This is enough to heat or power 8 million British homes.

In May 2018 we changed our name from Statoil to Equinor. The biggest transition our modern-day energy systems have ever seen is underway, and we aim to be at the forefront of this development. Our name change supports our strategy as a broad energy company

Where will you find Norway’s biggest windfarm?


More than 400,000 homes get their electricity from the Dudgeon windfarm off the coast of Norfolk. It’s one of the major contributions to British wind power made by Equinor. We’ve also recently launched Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating windfarm – and we’re a partner in Dogger Bank, the huge North Sea windfarm that could one day generate 10% of the UK’s electricity.

Where we are


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Our product may be energy. But our greatest resource will always be our people.


A new name in the energy game
We are a broad energy company in oil and gas and renewable energy. At Equinor, we continue to push the boundaries of technology, innovation and imagination to create positive change for our business and our planet.

Let’s change for the better, together
We work with people that truly want to make a difference. We believe in the power of collaboration and embrace diversity and equality. Best of all, we help each other succeed and grow. 

Shaping your future
Our people are encouraged to develop their skills and abilities and empowered to develop their careers across boundaries - multiple disciplines, functions and geographical locations. 

Caring is at the heart of Equinor
The values and culture we share embody the spirit of Equinor at its best and guide us in our daily work. How we deliver is just as important as what we deliver.  We care for our colleagues’ well-being and act to create lasting value for our local communities in a transparent, responsible and ethical way.

How has the UK managed to cut its CO2 emissions?


It’s certainly counterintuitive, but true nonetheless. The UK has significantly reduced its CO2 emissions by using more gas. Why? Because gas is much cleaner than coal – and making the switch from coal to gas cuts CO2 emissions by 50% when generating electricity. At Equinor, we’re proud to offer the reliable supply of gas that’s helped Britain make a clean break with coal.


Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery at the Science Museum builds on children’s natural curiosity in STEM to ensure long lasting engagement. With 50 wonders of science to enjoy, the gallery reveals the beauty of the science and maths that shape our everyday lives.

Building on the success of the ongoing Wonderlab gallery, in 2017 Equinor and the Science Museum launched a nationwide competition to find Britain’s most imaginative and creative young people, Young Imagineers. The annual competition invites imaginative entrants aged 7-14 to design an invention that would make tomorrow’s world a better place. 2017's winner, Finlay aged 10, designed the Hover Wheelchair. Millie aged 10 was the 2018 winner with her Solar Powered Pollution Sucking Robot Pigeon. Each winning idea was made into a model and put on display outside Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery at the Science Museum. 

In Aberdeen, Equinor sponsors TechFest’s public programme, a festival aimed at engaging people of all ages with science and technology. Equinor is sponsoring a ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’ event run by TechFest, with workshops, talks, tours and an awe-inspiring science show, in collaboration with Robert Gordon University and the Science Museum in London. The event celebrates many of Aberdeen's finest examples of leadership and innovation in science, technology, engineering and maths and aims at developing S1 and S2 pupils’ interest and passion for STEM.

Equinor is a sponsor of the NASA in Aberdeen programme, now in its third year. It is designed to engage with primary schools, secondary schools and the general public. Events are designed to inspire the next generation of energy industry professionals by providing a glimpse into the world of NASA Engineering, Space Exploration and the clear links to the technology and innovation used by in the energy sector. 

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