"Gå til hovedinnhold"

Sustainable ways to power the world is our most important focus.

Operating in a sustainable way is at the core of everything we do. From our purpose, values and strategy our legacy is one of turning natural resources into energy for people and progress for society in a responsible way. 

Our oil and gas producing assets on the Norwegian Continental Shelf are amongst the most carbon efficient in the world and our ambition is to be a global leader in offshore wind. 

In the United States, we operate with the same ambitions and values while pursuing solutions for the future through collaboration and partnerships.  

We’re leading innovative work in partnership with expertise across industries to solve our biggest challenges and shape the energy of the future. It’s no small task transforming the energy industry–but together, we’re on our way. 

Innovation & Partnerships

We’re innovating with others to shape the energy of the future.

Lowering emissions

In the US we are ambitiously working to reduce our methane emissions towards a zero emissions future.

150 new technologies

evaluated in the US every year

The need for a low carbon future poses new challenges that require partnerships, collaboration and innovative minds to create new energy solutions. We recognize that we’re not the only ones with big ideas for sustainable ways to power the world. That's why we closely partner with industry peers, NGOs and leading academic institutions. Many of these partnerships are led from the United States, one of our key innovation hubs.

Oil and Gas

The US is a core area for
Equinor’s oil & gas production.

We are the 5th largest producer of oil & gas in the US Gulf of Mexico and our US onshore operations are Equinor’s largest international production outside Norway.

~294,000 boe/d

of gas and oil equivalent per day produced in U.S

Figure excludes Eagle Ford volumes 

Onshore oil and gas

The US onshore operations are Equinor’s largest international production outside Norway with total equity production of ~309 MBOE/D in the second quarter of 2019. Equinor is committed to applying innovative technology to challenge methane emissions in the US.

~123,000 boe/d

Our production from the Gulf of Mexico

Offshore oil and gas

We are taking our proven experience from the Norwegian continental shelf and elsewhere and applying it to our position offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.


We’re ambitiously investing in renewable
energy sources.

One of Equinor's offshore wind farms Dudgeon, outside of England

816 MW

 Renewable offshore wind energy


Potential homes to be powered with offshore wind energy.

Our wind projects

Equinor is pursuing the development of offshore wind projects on the east and west coast of the United States and is quickly becoming a leader partner in the country’s growing offshore wind industry.


First and foremost, safety.

Our people are the most essential part of our company, and that’s why safety and security is our top priority. We focus on preventing all accidents related to people, assets and the environment by creating a strong culture of safety that is at the core of our procedures and operations in every facility.

To share views about safety and environmental matters in our US offshore business, contact SafetyandEnvironment@equinor.com

Our people: Recruitment

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the business and communities that we operate in. Join us and work to shape the energy of the future!

Over the last 30 years we have strengthened our presence in the US, employing a thousand people in all of our US office locations

Our locations

Our offices in the US

Since 1987, Equinor has had a presence in the United States. Today, our three locations are key to our strategy and helps drive innovation in our company. In Houston, we manage key strategic and innovative initiatives and our offshore exploration and production activities. 

Austin is the location for our global unconventional competence center and where we manage our onshore oil and gas production in the US. Our location in Stamford, Connecticut is the center for our trading activities and our offshore wind projects.

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