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Equinor in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has ambitious climate targets, with policies aiming for a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050. At the same time, energy security and reduced energy dependence are high on the Dutch agenda.

We believe it is essential to develop a decarbonised energy system for Europe that creates jobs, stimulates industry and ensures value creation – as well as providing energy for people and society.

As a broad energy company, we believe our offering of energy sources and solutions can contribute to energy security and decarbonisation of the Netherlands.

Dudgeon wind farm

Welcome to Equinor

Equinor is an international energy company, the largest supplier of gas to Europe and a pioneer in offshore wind power. We are investing in many renewables projects worldwide – including offshore wind farms and projects in Great Britain, Poland, Germany, the USA and South Korea, as well as solar power in Argentina.

More about Equinor

Eneco & Equinor announce IJmuiden Ver wind tenders partnership

June 22: Eneco and Equinor will join forces for the offshore wind tenders for the IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta offshore wind sites in the Netherlands. IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta are important projects in the Dutch Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap adding 4GW of offshore wind power to the Dutch energy mix. Read more in the press release below.

Joint press release, Eneco & Equinor, 22 June, 2023 (PDF)

The Norwegian provider of energy to Europe

Norway is the largest natural gas supplier to Europe, and Norwegian gas has the lowest carbon footprint compared with other gas supply alternatives. Low carbon hydrogen and renewable hydrogen will reduce carbon emissions significantly and we are supporting Dutch industry with carbon capture transport and storage solutions.

Equinor has been an important energy provider to the Netherlands for many years, in particular with natural gas, and we have a had presence in the Netherlands from the late 1990s when we held an ownership share in a local refinery.

Our Dutch office is in Rotterdam and we are continuously increasing our presence. Here, we are developing renewables projects, including offshore wind, and the team also owns and supports several international projects.

Equinor's office in the Netherlands

How to find us in the Netherlands

Equinor Holding Netherlands B.V.
Weena 760, 8th floor
3014 DA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31102229770

Dudgeon offshore wind farm

A leading player in offshore wind

Wind power is a key enabler in the world’s energy transition, and we are among the top global players in offshore wind, drawing on our extensive offshore experience. We have wind farms or involvement in projects in the UK, the US, Baltic Sea, France, Germany and South Korea.

More about Equinor and offshore wind

Offshore wind in the Netherlands

Offshore wind will be the key driver for the energy transition in the Netherlands.

Although we don't yet have operational offshore wind farms in the Netherlands, we already supply Europe with enough electricity from renewable offshore wind to power the equivalent of one million homes, and we continue to expand.

We are a global leader in offshore wind, with wind farms and projects in the US, Germany, Scotland, Poland, South Korea and the UK, and a strong presence in the North Sea.

The continuous long-term plan for offshore wind projects in the Dutch North Sea represents an attractive opportunity to increase our presence as a flexible energy provider in the Dutch market and provider of homegrown renewable power to the Netherlands.

We believe close collaboration and dialogue with authorities, local stakeholders and scientific communities are key factors in successfully developing offshore wind in a sustainable manner.

Hydrogen plant


As an effective and environmentally-friendly energy carrier, hydrogen will make a key contribution to sustainable development of energy and the energy transition. Here’s what Equinor is doing in this exciting field.

Equinor and hydrogen


We have an ambition to take a leading role in the emerging hydrogen market with emphasis on northwestern Europe and a role as market architect, targeting 10% clean hydrogen market share across 3 — 5 industrial hubs by 2035.

Renewable-based hydrogen and derivates will be an important route to market for renewables and drive a significant step up in renewables deployment

We believe low carbon and renewable-based hydrogen will need to be developed in parallel at different speeds in different markets.

We are today partner in NortH2 in Netherlands — an international consortium investigating the feasibility of large-scale production, storage and transmission of green hydrogen.

NortH2 can make a significant contribution to both the objectives of the Dutch climate agreement and the even more ambitious European hydrogen targets.

The H2M Eemshaven project
Equinor is developing H2M Eemshaven, a low-carbon hydrogen project, with the aim of building a production facility in the Eemshaven industrial area, where it will reform natural gas from the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) to hydrogen.

More than 95 % of the CO2 will be captured and then transported and permanently stored safely in reservoirs below the seabed of the Norwegian continental shelf.

With a planned production capacity of 1 GW (235,000 tons decarbonised hydrogen), H2M Eemshaven is well placed to serve potential customers in large industry clusters both in the Netherlands and in Germany. Industries that could benefit from such a supply are typically steel production, chemical industries and power production.

If sanctioned, the H2M Eemshaven facility can start production of hydrogen in 2028.