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Where you can work in Equinor

Our disciplines

In Equinor, we have more than 23,000 employees working within a range of disciplines. So whether you’re studying engineering, technology, sciences, digital, or corporate and business management, the chances are we’ll have an opportunity that would suit your education and experience.

Below, you’ll find an overview of all the disciplines we recruit for in our graduate and summer internship programmes. Explore your options then head over to the job adverts for our live roles for more details

For information about our graduate programme and application deadlines, please visit our graduate page .

For information about the summer internship programme and application deadline, please visit our summer internship page .

Engineering, technology and sciences

Our engineering and geology teams play a crucial role in reducing emissions from our oil and gas production.

In our engineering, technology, and sciences programmes you’ll find more than 21 roles spread across subsurface, project development, engineering and technology specialisations. Wherever you join, you’ll be helping us develop and implement cutting-edge solutions that enable our strategy of always safe, low carbon and high value.

Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to collaboration and continuous improvement across all our teams. We are at the forefront of developing new technologies and processes that could play an important role in the energy transition – thanks to our dedicated employees.

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Digital, automation and information technology

In Equinor, digital, automation and information technology is at the heart of improving our operations and driving innovation. We are no strangers to cutting-edge solutions like cloud computing, big data analytics or machine learning. You’ll be part of a large community of IT specialists where, developers, data scientists, data engineers and technologists are all working to build the digital energy company.

We also work closely together with the largest tech companies in the world and some of the leading universities to develop new technologies and solutions to help achieve our sustainability goals. The energy industry is fast-paced, always-changing, and digital transformations and IT are at the core of how we can stay competitive.

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Our corporate teams play an important role in driving our success as a leading international energy company. They handle a diverse range of functions, from finance, audit, communications and legal to HR, safety, security, sustainability and market analysis – and are truly the driving force behind our operations.

Built on a culture of collaboration and innovation, the corporate roles provide you with an exciting platform to make an impact on Equinor’s strategy.

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I was amazed at how people think about "change". And what surprises me is that almost everyone has a desire for positive change and to contribute to those changes "together"

Lien Thi Hai Nguyen.Graduate, Finance & Control

Renewables (REN) and Low Carbon Solutions (LCS)

In Equinor, we’re committed to advancing renewable energy and low-carbon solutions. We actively engage in offshore wind projects, aiming to become a global leader, and collaboration and innovation drive our approach to the energy transition.

We invest in cutting-edge technologies like carbon capture, hydrogen production, and solar. Our ambitious goal is to become a net-zero energy company by 2050. Join us in shaping a sustainable future through exciting opportunities and be part of our transformative journey.

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