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Our corporate graduate programme: a global career kick start

Are you a student in your final year, or a recent Master or Ph.d. graduate? Join our Corporate Graduate Programme and contribute to shaping the future of energy. We offer a two-year programme with on-the-job learning based on rotations of varying length and scope, according to professional area. This programme is the start of your journey, from being a student to becoming a professional. You will get challenging and meaningful tasks that correspond with your interest and our company’s business needs.


Our ideal candidates hold a Master’s degree or PhD with no more than two years of relevant fulltime work experience. We prefer that you be fluent in English, as well as a second working language. International work or study experience (in addition to native country) is preferred.

We will post our graduate 2020 openings 12 August 2019 for Norway and 30 August for US. For UK and Brazil, the posting date is 27 September.

Recruitment process    

To help you understand how our graduate recruitment process works, here’s an outline of what you can expect from your dialogue with us throughout the process. 


1. Online application: 
(To be decided)
Complete the online application form and fill in your personal details. Attach relevant documents, for instance your CV, diplomas and recent transcripts. If you are in the process of completing a degree, please upload an official temporary transcript or other document describing subjects and grades completed to this point. If you prefer, you can use your LinkedIn-profile for registration. 


2. Online assessment:
If you are moved to the next step, you will be asked to complete an online assessment which consist of numerical, logical, situational, and personality tests. The test should be completed no later than 48 hours after you receive the invitation. Estimated duration of tests: 40 minutes 


3. Video interview:
If you are successful in your online assessment, you will be invited to a digital interview. It’s a self-recorded video interview that you can perform from your smartphone or computer from any location with a stable internet connection. You’ll be asked some questions, get some time to prepare your answer, and then a time slot to record your response. The recording can only be done once, so we advise you to use the allotted preparation time well. The video interview can be completed at your earliest convenience, but no later than 48 hours after you receive the invitation. Estimated duration of the interview: 25 minutes. 


4. Recruitment day:
(To be decided)
If you are successful, you will be invited to the final stage of our graduate recruitment process, the Recruitment day. It takes place at one of our offices and this is your chance to meet us, as well as other candidates. You’ll get an invite for either a morning or afternoon session (approx. 4 hours), and you will receive more information in the mail invite.


5. Offer and background check: 
(To be decided)
Decision of offer and background check of candidates. This step in our recruitment process is mandatory, and could take some time — however we aim to keep in touch with relevant candidates.

Meet our graduates

Christina Khayat
Graduate Strategy and Innovation in Equinor

John Phillips,
Graduate Geology in Equinor 

Bita Nikzad
Graduate People and Leadership in Equinor

What to expect from your time with us

Our graduate programme is your chance to gain real-world experience within the energy industry, while getting your foot in the door for possible employment at a leading global company. From assignments that put you in the middle of the action to virtual sessions, you’ll develop a true understanding of the business we work in. We’ll also provide you with networking opportunities and opportunities to meet your personal goals and interests, while you help Equinor meet its own business needs.

Our graduate programme lasts two years and you can choose from several disciplines and locations. As a graduate in Equinor you will be a permanent employee from day one. You will have a structured learning and networking plan and will be assigned your own mentor and buddy. You can expect to rotate to another area and/or work location within the company during this time.


Our graduates work within different disciplines throughout the company.

Photo from the Universum award


Most popular in our class

At the 2019 Universum awards, Equinor was ranked the most attractive employer among Norwegian technology students for the 23rd year running. Universum Awards surveyed 14,500 students at 26 Norwegian universities and colleges before making this year’s awards. Equinor achieved second place with economics students and fifth for IT in this year’s survey