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Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland

Crude oil is the world’s most actively traded commodity and the most important natural resource of the industrialised nations, accounting for about one third of the world’s primary energy supply.

After over a hundred years of oil-fuelled economic development, the world now consumes around 15 billion litres of oil per day. Oil can generate heat, drive machinery and fuel vehicles and aircraft, and its components are used to manufacture countless chemical products, such as plastics, detergents, fertilizers, paints, and medicines. In fact, our world would literally grind to a halt without oil. Oil and gas will continue to be society's most important energy sources for many years.

Equinor is among the world's largest net sellers of crude oil and condensate and we also have substantial processing and refining operations.

Crude oil characteristics: Assays

No two crude oils are alike, each having unique molecular and chemical characteristics. Customers and traders need to know this information when buying, selling and blending our products. The chemical descriptions of all our crude oil feedstocks is available in our crude oil assays, available from the link below.

Crude oil assays

Conditions of sales

General terms and conditions for sales of our products.

Conditions of sales