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Equinor notification centre

Emergency preparedness:

In the event of an incident, the media may contact our on-duty spokespersons on the following number:


(Equinor main switchboard).

For other contacts, see below.

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Emergency preparedness and response communication

Equinor has clear priorities in the event of an emergency or critical situation. First, we take care of people involved in the situation, followed by the environment and our surroundings, and finally we must protect the technical integrity of the plant and our industrial interests.

We mobilise our emergency response organisation and notify all relevant authorities. Our main channel for all confirmed information and press releases is We have clear policies on not publishing or divulging unconfirmed information at any time.

How we are organised

Our standard procedure is to work to gain an overview of a situation, and then provide more information as soon as possible. Our emergency response organisation will maintain continuous contact with public rescue services and other relevant authorities.

Our emergency response organisation has a global presence and is divided into three levels: 1: Emergency response team (on site); 2: Incident Management Team (affected business area), and Crisis Management Team (corporate level).

We comply with all national and international laws, regulations and requirements, and in addition follow our own internal guidelines and industry good practice.