We’re one of the world’s largest offshore operators, the largest operator on the Norwegian continental shelf and the second-largest gas exporter to Europe. This page is an overview of the fields we are currently developing, and those in operation — in Norway, and around the world.

We operate over 40 assets on the NCS with fixed and floating installations

Partner-operated fields account for 13% of our total NCS production   

We operate in more than 30 countries worldwide. The Peregrino field in Brazil is our largest international operatorship,

Fields we operate in Norway

We’re responsible for 70% of oil and gas production in Norway. We are on track to maintain profitable production from the Norwegian continental shelf at current level towards 2030. After 2030 the NCS will enter a more mature phase, but it will continue to be our backbone for many years.

Crude oil assays

The oil from each field is unique. To learn more about the characteristics of all the oil types we sell, please see our Crude Oil Assays available from the link below. 

Fields around the world

In Equinor, we are accelerating our international journey. While the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) continues to be our backbone, the international business is an increasingly important contributor to our overall production and revenue. International production has reached record levels, and with a high-quality portfolio the share of total production coming from outside Norway will continue to grow in the years ahead.