Equinor (formerly Statoil) has been present in Venezuela since 1994.

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How to find us in Venezuela

Av. Eugenio Mendoza con calle José Angel Lamas,
Torre La Castellana, Piso 6.
La Castellana,
1060 Caracas

Tel: +582126204000

Our presence in Venezuela

We hold 51% of the offshore exploration licence for Cocuina, in Plataforma Deltana block 4. The drilling phase was completed in October 2007 after which the authorities from Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago entered in a process of unitisation for the Cocuina-Manakin reservoir. In February 2015, a Unitisation Agreement was executed by the two governments and currently, we are in dialogue with the operator of the field on the Trinidad & Tobago side to agree on a Unit Operating Agreement and a Sole Operator.