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Equinor drones operations centre, Bergen. © Equinor, photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland

The world’s most important energy sources are knowledge and cooperation.

Every day, we energise the lives of over 170 million people around the world. Behind it all lies 50 years of knowledge, experience and cooperation across companies and countries. We believe they hold the key to solving the energy transition, the greatest challenge of our time.

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Equinor Q2 2024 results - analyst conference

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Equinor Q3 2024 results - analyst conference

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Equinor Q4 2024 results

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Subsea drone photo

Subsea drone sets new world record

A subsea drone working for Equinor recently set the world record for the longest period ever for an operational remotely controlled vessel underwater, spending 165 days at a depth of 330 metres.

The Saipem Hydrone-R drone has been working at the Njord field in the Norwegian Sea, performing drill support and production support activities and autonomous operations.

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