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Challenge and empower yourself!

In Equinor you get to take part in some of the most exciting challenges in today’s oil and gas industry. We can offer you a place in an organisation that is driven by passion and the determination to solve major challenges — and you have the opportunity to develop an international career. Interested? Then we look forward to hearing from you.


Steer your career

A career in Equinor
When you are hired at Equinor, we ensure that your development begins immediately. We know that good results for our company depend on your efforts and development. We will make sure that you get to work, grow and exchange knowledge with talented employees.

With us you will also get opportunities across disciplines and geographies. We offer exciting career opportunities and competitive terms for employees who want to work internationally.

A competitive salary is obviously just as important as the challenging assignments, development and career opportunities we offer. We offer a range of reward programmes aligned to the local market in which we compete and to your job. Experience, responsibility and expertise are drivers for the job you have, but they do not alone drive reward. 

You are evaluated annually based on your performance, where results and behaviour are emphasised equally.

Variable pay
Our reward system includes variable pay schemes with the potential for differentiated pay and long-term incentive schemes that varies by country. The variable pay scheme is only used where recommended.

Our employees can receive a corporate bonus, or local bonuses that are competitive in the relevant market. The corporate bonus is calculated annually based on economic performance relative to other major international oil and gas companies.

Share saving plan
Employees (in some countries) have the opportunity to purchase Equinor shares. Employees who participate in the group's share saving plan will receive bonus shares, in which employees receive one bonus share for each share purchased and held for two years.

The right to apply for flexible work hours applies to all employees. All guidelines and application procedures are readily available online for employees and management. There is also a phone number that employees can call if they have questions.

Many employees make use of our flexible work arrangements to help them balance their work and home lives efficiently. This is not only a benefit for our employees, but also allows the business areas to better focus and control efforts.

We are concerned about our employees' health, safety and well-being. We have a wide range of welfare and recreational activities that vary by different working place and country. 

At some of our larger locations we offer a variety of local recreational and sports activities, such as outdoor activities, cycling, handball, bridge, football, skiing etc., and tournaments are organized from time to time.

We recognize the importance of mental and physical breaks, and the social benefits they offer. In every office there are coffee machines and areas where people can meet, talk and get acquainted. Equinor also has favourable agreements with local gyms at many of our locations.

Some of our  office locations offer reduced price tickets to a variety of cultural activities, including concerts, plays etc. 



Most popular in our class 


At the 2019 Universum awards, Equinor was ranked the most attractive employer among Norwegian technology students for the 23rd year running. Universum Awards surveyed 14,500 students at 26 Norwegian universities and colleges before making this year’s awards. Equinor achieved second place with economics students and fifth for IT in this year’s survey

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